Artist Statement / Bio

Kathleen Mooney, NWS, ISAP, ISEA-NF

Headquarters: Michigan, USA

Working in: WATER - Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Water Media (on paper or canvas)

Digging deep into the human drive to create what we need to see, Kathleen Mooney uses water and pigment, inspired by Neolithic art and archaeology to form thoughtful and thought provoking contemporary abstract paintings. Art / Artifact / Abstraction collide, combine and cooperate in highly individual paintings that reveal more with each view.

“My art lives on the crossroad of imagination and memory.  The lyrical abstractions, signs and symbols, mark making and colors are carefully composed for maximum effect – the goal centers on balance, harmony and energy.  Printmaking figures in many of my works – with unmatched direct delivery creating my rich multilayered surfaces”.

Mooney enjoys exploring Iceland, Ireland, the Great Lakes, the American Southwest (ancient oceans with big vistas), and US coastal regions.  Anywhere the horizon is vast.

"I know that spending quality time in iconic locales with a focus on painting, sketching and photography is a powerful immersion - fueling my art practice and advancement".

Mooney is a Signature Member of National Watercolor Society, the International Society of Acrylic Painters, and the International Society of Experimental Artists.  

Notable exhibitions: National Watercolor Society The First 100 Years at Hilbert Museum of California Art. International Watercolor Society - Costa Rica, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. H2OMG - The Mukenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton, CA. Pier Arts Center, Orkney, Scotland. Big ARTS on Sanibel Island, FL. Forest Hills Fine Art Center in Grand Rapids, MI. National Watercolor Society, San Pedro, CA. ISEA/NWS CA/Wales, UK.  NWS / China Exchange with a tour of 5 museums in China and CA.

Finalist Award in The Artist’s Magazine 30th Annual Competition - selected from a field of over 7,500 entries world-wide.

Grand Prize 2017 and Dusk to Dark Award 2019 at the Fresh Coast Plein Aire Competitions. 

Selected by "Watercolor Artist" magazine as one of their annual "5 Talented Artists to Watch" featuring a 2-page spread of paintings and interviews.

Featured in the “Legends” Collection produced by Foreign Accents Rugs 2012 - 2018 - exhibited at the world’s largest home furnishings venue, High Point Market.

Kathleen Mooney‘s art may be viewed on and Behance by Adobe.